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Automatic Carton Sealing Strapping Packaging:

Automatic carton sealing strapping packaging line consists of semiautomatic carton sealer, high-table automatic strapping machine and conveying rack. The carton sealer and strapping machine can also be used separately as single unit

Automatic Carton Sealing Strapping machines


  • This system combines sealing machine with strapping machine to meet the customers needs.
  • Providing continuous sealing and strapping offers cost effective and dependable quality ,is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Sealing machine or auto strapping machine can be operated individually.
  • Two sides extensive belts and 2 sensors are for above sealing and parallel strapping.
  • Automatic carton sealing strapping packaging line has the function of continuous auto carton sealing and multi-passes strapping.


  • Semiautomatic Carton Sealer (1set)
  • High-table Automatic Strapping Machine (1set)
  • No-drive Roller Conveyor (1set)
  • Application:

  • Low-table automatic carton sealing, strapping, packaging line is widely used in textile, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
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