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Continuous Induction Sealing Machine

Induction Sealer Machine

Table-style continuous induction sealing machine is major suitable for capping operation of flat-capped small bottleneck with thread that is made of non-metal materials such as plastic, glass, while it is not suitable for metal & non-threaded bottleneck, or seamful high cap, or bottleneck whose diameter is ranging φ20-50. Especially, it is suitable for the customers who carrying out continuous capping operation for large output and lot.
The electromagnetic Induction Sealing machine manufactured by this principle is becoming a necessary equipment of medicine, pesticide, axunge, by products, healthcare, cosmetics, chemistry and other trade required high quality air sealing, for plastic, glass and other non metal bottle. To improve the level of packed product the sealing and quality production function, anti-pirate and anti - forgery.



SPSIS -2000 AX

Input power

AC 220 V 10 Y.,50/60 Hz

Input Current


Input power

Static state<2A. dynamic state<7A

Working Frequency


Output Power

15 00W

Enclosure Protection Grade

1p 21

Sealing Diameter


Height of the Bottle


Sealing Speed

0-10m/s (Electric Stepless Speed regulating)

Bearing load of the transportation station

≤20 kg


155cm x 48cm x 40cm

Net Weight Kg.



AC 220/50



Product ion Capacity( pes/h)

300(o40mm flat capped and PE bottle)

Dimensions ( L X W X H )

1150cm x 480cm x 400cm

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Hand Induction Sealer

Induction Sealing process invoices an induction current being applied to a metal liner in a plastic cap. The bottle is first filled and then the cap is applied. The Cap already has the liner ( wad ) inside. The Liner contains the sealing material adheared to a alluminium foil layer. The induction current heats the foil liner, melting the sealant. The pressure of the threaded cap up on the bottle provides the required pressure. As the sealing layer cools it adhears to the bottle.

Features :

  • Useful for easy transportation & storage.
  • Simple usage with high efficiency.
  • Low energy consumption & labour saving.
  • Protect product from dust, moisture, surface damage & pilferage.
  • Specifications:

    Output Power

    500/600 Watts

    Operating Frequency

    50 Khz

    Static Power

    0.1 A

    Max Allowed Current

    4 A

    Working Ambient Tem.

    25-45(degree Celsius)

    Relative Air Humidity



    340 x 290 x 130 mm

    Gross Weight


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