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Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine:

Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine

Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine is a type of economic one among BSF series, simple operation, push the products manually or pneumatically, sealing the film and the products enter the shrink tunnel automatically, and used PE film to pack products..


  • 1. Adopt the imported air-cylinder, assure stable pushing and sealing.
  • 2. Adopts specially designed sealing cutter, results in perfect sealing line, avoid the film sticking the cutter.
  • 3. The covered cylinder setting enhance the convenience for the operator; with rear pressing device assure even light product without any shifting.
  • 4. The front frame is adjustable according to different product sizes.
  • Application:

    • 1.automatic sleeve sealing machine used for packing beverage, beer and mineral water etc with or without a tray; also suitable for shrink wrapping products such as electric appliance, auto spares, furniture and floor board etc.
    • 2. Its suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP , PE etc

Semi Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine:

Semi Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine

Semiautomatic sleeve sealing Machine can be pushed manually or pneumatically. After the process of sealing&cutting, the products enter the shrink tunnel automatically.


The machine is suitable for shrink packing both single object and combined objects


  • 1. Shrink packing for many industries, such as printing, pharmacy, floor, chinaware, beverage, beer etc.
  • 2. Its suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP , PE etc

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