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High Speed Batch Coding Machine:

Inkjet Batch Printing System

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Batch Coding Machine that are a compact online automatic ink coder, which are designed to print details like price, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date etc. Moreover, the batch coders are suitably modified to include personalized details, certain types of cases and other specifications. The easily removable ink system is totally enclosed to ensure minimum ink evaporation and dust contamination. Speed of coder is synchronized by the parent machine motion.

Features :

  • Requires minimum energy for the smooth and efficient operation.
  • Optimum operational efficiency and longer operational life.
  • Designed with high precision and are easy to handle.
  • Rugged design with user friendly operation.
  • Low maintenance
  • Specifications :

    Product Name Handy Coder
    Specifications Value
    Model IM-380
    Voltage(V/Hz) 220/50
    Power(W) 180
    Ink roller size(mm) 35 * 32
    Printing Speed(pcs/min) 100
    Object size(mm) L:50-500 W:30~300
    Type Number T Type(10.5PT):11 Lines, Max.10 Types/Line, R Type(10.5PT):8 Lines, Max.8 Types/Line
    Printing Type Solid Ink coding
    Type size (mm) 3 * 3(10.5PT)
    Dimension(LXWXH)(mm) 440 * 465 * 300
    Net weight(kg) 26

    High Speed Batch Coding Machine For Labels & Cartons

    Hand Batch Coding

    It is mandatory for manufacturers of packaged goods to code information"s like Batch No., Date of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information on various pickings, PCS Coding Machines are the best options for Coding on plastic, HDPE bottles, pouches, tin containers, woven sacks, paper etc. The machine is compact & consistent in printing quality. It is easy to install & operate & has rugged powder coated metal body.


  • It is electro mechanical fully automatic high speed coding system.
  • Once stacks the labels / cartons in order on sloping plane tray (Dispenser) for feeding.
  • Its automatically Packed up by rubber friction insert, fed to printing one by one via guide
  • Specifications :

    Product Name Hand Batch Coding
    Specifications Value
    Model HSLC- 200
    Substrate Labels / Pouches
    Max. Substrate size (mm) 204 * 154
    Min. Substrate size (mm) 50 * 16
    Supply Voltage 3Ø 440 V ac ± 10 %, 180 W
    Printing Area 6 to 8 lines ( 57 * 200 mm)
    Printing Speed 125 / 180/ 250 imprints/ min.
    Prints using Easily Changeable grooved/ flat, rubber/ nylon stereos
    Inking Medium Rechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ lapping roller for paste
    Printing Medium Quick drying ink/ Paste (Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.)
    Impressions 15,000imp. per 20 ml. charge / 10,000 per 10 gm. Paste
    Geared Motor 400/ 440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P.136 RPM geared head motor
    Weight 85 Kg (Approx.)

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