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Ink Jet Printers Linx 7900:


We offering a coding solution with up to 3 lines of text, graphics and logos as standard, with up to 5 lines available if required, the Linux 7900 represents an advanced continuous ink jet printer. Linux Insight? software also helps you to take more control of your production line. With Insight? you can download or upload messages from a PC to the Linux 7900, and even monitor it from you smart phone, all you need is internet access and an Ethernet connection to your printer. And Linux Insight is included with the printer at no extra cost.

Features :

  • Ethernet port.
  • 3 line printing
  • Data Matrix 2D codes
  • RS232 connectivity.
  • External single stage alarm output.
  • Connectivity for product detectors and shaft encoders
  • Specifications :

    Product Name Ink Jet Printer 7900
    Specifications Value
    Model 7900
    Print head with 2M conduit, standard MK7
    Print head/conduit options 4M, 90D,Short Reach 90D
    Max lines of print 3 standard, 5 optional
    Character Height Range 0.04" to 0.54"
    Max speed single line print 1,230 fpm
    Ink Range Dye Based, Pigmented with Spectrum
    Automatic date codes, sequential numbering Yes
    Timed messages Yes
    Graphics/Logo printing Yes
    Barcodes, common linear and 2D Data matrix Yes
    Memory capacity (number of messages) 999

    Jet Printer:


    Jet Printer is based upon Reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high fast printing, exceptional value and ease of use. Jet Printer is ideal for printing labels and for all cartons in food and pharmaceutical industry.


  • HP TIJ 2.5 technology.
  • Easy to integrate and use- Load print job from USB-key
  • Built-in sensor
  • 1/2" print height
  • Prints with multiple dpi options
  • trong>Specifications :

    Product Name Jet Printer
    Specifications Value
    Model Jet Printer
    Print Frequency 15 KHz
    Print height Up to 12.7 mm
    Print Head 1 pen integrated
    Print Distance 0.5-0.2 mm (nozzle to print surface)
    Voltage 15v (Power Supply)
    Design Software Micro Draw (for window in PC)
    Memory 1 Print job in unit
    Print Features Left/Right, Upside/Down
    Max. Speed 76M/Min., 250Feet/Min.
    Max. Length 2400px
    Weight 0.53 kg/1.17lbs

    Electronic Rotary Contact Coder Machine:


    3535 ERCC PLC based fully automatic, ELECTRONIC ROTARY CONTACT CODER is suitable for registered printing & coding statutory information on various packings


  • The EMCC is truly operator friendly coder. It comes with PLC which provides guidance for Quick operation.
  • This is portable compact & easy to install. It has printing capabilities of 1 to 4 lines of variable information. (i.e. max size 35 mm x 35 mm)

  • Specifications :

    Product Name ERCC Printer
    Specifications Value
    Model ERCC
    Printing Method Ink transfer by flexor type grooved/flat stereos, 3 mm size or any other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type & can be changed on demand.
    Printing Area 35 mm width 180 mm (max) vertical
    Ink Cartridge high quality special ink cartridge is used to release the appropriate amount of ink for each fine impression which is easy to mount & long lasting in normal use.
    Ink Charge 5-10 ml per charge. Give"s up to 30,000 impressions per charge depending on size & speed of marking.
    Motor Hybrid type DC stepper motor
    Supply Voltage 230v AC+-10%,50 HZ
    Proximity Switch Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Zero Marker Input)
    Eye Marker Npn No Type 10-30 Vdc (Print Input Signal)
    Weight Printing Head 2 kg,PLC-3 kg

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